Settling In…

There is so much I want to share with you all…

So many new travels and so many new life changes…

Right now, I’m sitting at our 9.5-foot dining room table with my Washington D.C. Starbucks mug filled with a creamy chai tea latte looking out on our back patio into our yard at all the lush greenery completely content. Le sigh.

It has taken me a while to get here to this point.


We moved and I am surrounded by reminders that I should be up putting things away, but here in this moment I am content to simply be.

It’s something we don’t get to do very often, at least I know that I don’t get to do it very often.

I’m far too busy moming, wifeing, working, cooking, friending, moving, shaking, doing thising and thating to sit around and be content being.

But this morning I made the conscious effort to get up, grab this latte, and sit back to watch the birds play in my epic sanctuary of a backyard. I was praying that they find the feeder we left out for them and low and behold today of all days, they found it. Glorious. (Romans 8:28)

Peacefully being me and the birds.

You know cool things come about from being still too…

I could read my bible.  I could write this. I could pray. It was awesome.

I could think clearly and put down some goals that I wanted to accomplish in the upcoming months. It was nice and I look forward to seeing if the addition of stillness to my routine changes my trajectory. Worth a shot. 😉

But I digress… settling in hmmm…

We are movers. I think we’ve come to realize this a bit ago. While I don’t think we enjoy the act of moving, we do enjoy change. This new move has brought with it the welcome change of incredibly happy children.

We literally weren’t in our new home for 5 minutes and the kids already had 3 friends a piece and were gone. “Bye Mom, Bye Dad” and just like that they were off. It was exactly what we were hoping for and so much more. The new friends and their parents are lovely. We are blessed in that regard and we are looking forward to the kids having friends for life.

I have so much more to share with you, especially about Austria. Oh Salzburg. Innsbruck! Summer was such fun! I can’t wait to winter with you… You were delicious too…

Y’all… if you ever get the chance to visit Austria, please do; I am looking forward to sharing our experiences there with you, but until the next post…

You can find me deliciously settling in…

Anyone want to come help with these boxes? Ha!

Until Next Yum,



The Tinest Foodie during our summer travels. ❤  The hills were alive with the sound of music! 

Growing Our Garden



It’s as much a part of me as cooking is. When I wasn’t in the kitchen with my Grandma, we were out in the garden with her and my Grandpa. If you couldn’t find us there, we were on one of the many farms held by various family members all over the southern states in either Florida, Georgia, or Alabama. I loved being outside, and I loved being in the garden or on a farm. Picking the peaches off the peach trees of my Aunt P’s farm right outside of Dothan, Alabama was one of my favorite things to do. She would give me a basket and say to me “Binky!  Go pick them peaches, and if you pick good one’s we’ll have us some cobbler after supper” OH THE COBBLER! I miss that cobbler, but I digress. Shhhhh… Don’t tell my aunt, but I used to eat more peaches than I picked. I’d fill my basket and sit down under one of those trees with a water hose to clean the peaches and eat to my hearts content… Oh, those were the days. Sticky, sweet, juicy peach filled summer days.

Mr. Foodie built this box  and surprised me one day after work. I was so grateful. It was lovely, beautiful and perfect, as I had been wanting to do this for quite some time. It was at the beginning of spring when we started this thing. It was still cold. It was still wet; it was still miserable. But we were determined.

I grew up with a garden, and it is an experience that I want to share with my children no matter where we live; no matter how much or how little space we have… I want them to know how to grow food.

I want them to know how to be able to cultivate the earth, and I’m proud to say that after a few short months of being faithful in their care and keeping of their crops; they are now producing a harvest.

As you can see where there was merely dirt, there is now a robust garden blooming full of items that are soon to be pulled and enjoyed in our kitchen. There are several varieties of fruits and vegetable planted throughout the two squares. We have broccoli, strawberries, radishes, carrots, lettuce, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and many other items. We’ve started our fall seedlings and are looking forward to turning over the garden for pumpkins, corn, and autumn/winter squash.


Ta-Da!  LOL

Don’t fret; I have another post coming up to tell you all about exactly what went into creating the boxes and the mix I used as we had to improvise living abroad for the dirt. However, right now I just want to say how proud I am of the kids for sticking with this and seeing the “fruits” of their labor come to true… They even helped me plant two blueberry bushes.

So stay tuned into our garden series; I have a feeling this will be a part of Foodie Finds Home for years to come.

Until Next Taste,
Love and Peaches,
Binky er… Lori

Less Things, More Memories…

This past weekend we took our kids darling little zoo in a small town in France.

The whole experience I kept thinking
I am done.

I am done buying them things.

I mean besides the usual. I’m not that terrible.
They’ll get a birthday present or two… Maybe. LOL!

Other than that, I’m done with it.

No more random things just because…
Well, because of mommy guilt.
I’m done.

I’m done emptying my bank account on material things
because I am a working mom and somehow I feel like
if they have the newest, the best, the greatest thing out there sometimes
(I’m just being completely honest right now)
that they’ll feel better about me missing some things…

No more of that.

No more of this materialistic mommy guilt thing that I’ve had going on.

I’m done y’all…

Its part of the reason I haven’t been writing. There’s more, but I won’t go into that yet…

I’ve felt awful about myself.

I’ve felt…

I don’t know what the  I’ve felt…

I’ve felt a lot of things…

I’ve been doing a lot of
reflecting and soul searching
and praying.
A whole LOT of praying.
I’ve been really living a life
that is less than.

It’s not been fair to anyone.

My husband,

My kids,

And certainly not to me.

I’m doing the world a severe injustice by
doing all of this less than kind of living…

But I digress…

(more on that later)

So what am I going to do…

Instead of buying things
we’re going to have experiences.

I want more of those…

More memories, less things.

Less clutter, more laughter.

They are only this size once.


So sure,
I work.
8 full hours a day,
but it doesn’t mean
I can’t experience life
with my family.


In fact, I just booked a family trip to a
place we’ve never been.
Memory making awaits us!

I can’t wait to surprise the
Foodie Finds Home Family
and awaken their taste for adventure.

Stay Tuned.

I’ve missed my blog.

Until Next Taste,


What is your word for 2017?

There are so many words….

So many…

It’s hard to choose just one.

Last year my word was


I think it was a good word for me.

In 2016 I was able to…


Be Authentic.
Be Transparent.
Be Love
Be Truth
Be Happy.
Be Unhappy
Be Beauty, & Beautiful.
Be Blessed.
Be Focus.
Be Inspired & Inspiring.
Be Success.
Be In.The. Moment.
Be Present.
Be Grateful.

Be Simply Completely Unapologetically Myself

It was the year of “Be-Ing….

This year I feel like it’s different.

I’ve learned to “be”…

Now it’s time to


while “be”ing me.

So there it is

my word for 2017.

I loved the definitions of flourish.
when I looked it up.

“to bloom, to blossom, to grow”
“to grow luxuriantly”
“to achieve success”
“to be in a state of activity or production”

Aren’t those awesome definitions?

I feel like I’m in a year of growth,
and I definitely want to grow luxuriantly.
Who wouldn’t want to?

I’m going to flourish deliciously and beautifully through 2017.

Alright, so what is your word of the year?

Until Next Taste,

Family Traditions

Family traditions.

Do you have any?

Besides our epic family game night,
the 12 grapes at midnight
and our firework extravaganza
(the neighbors-not us, ha!)
Auld Lang Syne singing
and of course a good toast!

We started one a new one this year
and I hope we continue it.

I enjoyed doing this with the kids a lot.

I picked up a poster board
while last minute shopping on
I had no idea what I was going to do with it,
but I knew I wanted to create something.

Something that we could look at all year
and be inspired. Something that would remind us
that this year we promised ourselves that we would
Be. Do. Hope. Have. Create. Explore. Adventure.
Both as individuals and as a family.

So with this white poster board in hand
and my harebrained scheme,
I was off…


the black is not on there… that was my half-arsed attempted at a quick  edit.

Create  we did.
We started at 6:00 PM
and at the top of every hour
we wrote something for 5-10 minutes
until midnight.

This was our first year doing this.
I’m sure it will evolve, but it was a lot of fun
and all 4 kids enjoyed it.
I look forward to doing this for years to come and seeing how it changes,
what words/quotes/pictures they come up with as they grow.

What are some of your family traditions that you do for New Years?

Any resolutions? Have you stuck to them? Share with us!

Happy New Year
Until Next Taste,


The 7 Top Books I’ve Read in 2016

Have you ever met a book you didn’t like?


 Okay… Can I be honest?

You remember this post here?

So said book club decided to read

I legit read the cliff notes before the meeting.

Book club members if you’re reading this, I’m sorry.
I am, but it lulled me to sleep every single time I opened it.
As did Ahab’s Wife when I tried reading it with my Bahrain book club.

Don’t worry though. We read tons of other books that were awesome.
We discussed amazing books, we drank good wine &
what’s even cooler is that one
of my BBC ladies is an author on this list! Neat right?

The list! Right, the list.

I do this every year.

It hard.

I read a lot.

I read more than I write,
and I write a lot.
I actually write more in my handwritten journals than on here,
but I’m starting to write more on my computer;
which is a good thing because you guys get to read more.

So compiling this list was nothing short of amazing.
It was hard y’all.

I wrote.
Wanted to make it the 21 top books that I’ve read in 2016,
but then Mr. Foodie said, “That’s too much, you’ve got to stop.”

He was right.

So with some terrible deliberation.

Lots of sweat, even a few tears, haha,

Here are the seven.
The Best Seven
(in no particular order)

7 Top Books I’ve Read in 2016


1. The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman
This had been on my shelf forever. I picked it up a yard sale for .10 because I’d like the cover, and yet it took me years to finally read it. I was so mad at myself for procrastinating on this book because once I began reading it, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a good one. If you haven’t read it. Do so, but don’t read it hungry.


2. Jump by Steve Harvey
I am all about personal development books. I love hearing stories of people overcoming adversity to be the best they can be to live out their greatness. Steve Harvey is the perfect example of that and he shares so much of himself in his newest book Jump. This is a great book to read going into the New Year. I actually bought extras to give away as gifts because it has blessed me in such a major way. I hope you take the time to read it.


3. Raven of the Sea by Stacey Reynolds
This is my BBC sister and friend. I’m so proud of her and all that she has accomplished this year. Not only is this her first book, but when you finish this one, be sure to pick up book to A Lantern in the Dark (The O’Brien Tales Book 2) Both books are brilliantly written and I can’t say too much more as I’d like not to give the story away, but I love them both.


4. The Magnolia Story by Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines, and Mark Dagostino
This book made the list by days. Santa brought it to me. It’s not often that I’m able to sit down and read a book in one afternoon, but with this one, I simply had to. Mr. Foodie saw how engulfed in Chip & Jo’s story I had become and took the kids for the day allowing me to be alone with this amazing couple, a nice cup of coffee and their story. I got to know them and it makes watching their show “Fixer Upper” on HGTV a bit more incredible. Not to mention I want to move to Waco, buy a farm and be their neighbor even more now, oh and ship-lap everything. HA!


5. Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Haley Morgan
I’m in the thick of making this book a bible study for our church and can I just stop right now and say I love these two. I love them. I love their honesty, their hearts, and their grittiness. I love the way they share life. I’m thankful for them. I thank God for them and I’m glad that God gave them the moxie to give us this book. Wild horses and all.


6. Stop Chasing Influencers by Kimanzi Constable and Jared Easley
This book, co-written by Kimanzi Constable and my buddy Jared Easley is pretty spectacular. It’s one of the first books I read in 2016 and by far one of the best ones. It’s definitely stuck with me. It’s changed the way I do life, business, and basically living. It’s one of those books that you have to get a couple of copies to give to graduates and say here. Take this. Read it, let it sink in, and read it again. Follow its instructions and live a good life.


7. Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba
This is one I didn’t read per say, but I did listen to it, along with my sister-in-law Di, and my daughter The Artist. We did a girl’s road trip to Paris and what better time to listen to a book called, “Girl Code” than when riding to Paris with a bunch of girls? I swear we ALL loved this book. It had something for all ages; we all were nodding in agreement at something. It was an amazing weekend, but listening to this book on the way there did something special to enhance the experience and I’ll be forever grateful for that. I also recommend you read this book…

Whew. 7 books. 7 amazing, brilliant, wonderful books, that if you didn’t read them in 2016, you definitely should in 2017. Happy reading, oh and remember, I love to read too, so I’ll kindly take some suggestions from you too.

Until Next Taste,