About Foodie Finds Home

I always wanted to ask my Granny what home meant to her.
I was always curious about what she would have said.
I never got the chance to ask my beloved grandma
that question, but
I think I know she would have answered.

She’d point at me and say
“Home is here”
She would point to my heart.
She would say, “Home is the love you give,
the laughter you share, the kindness you give away,
and the people you help along the way. Home is the
beautiful family you have and were they are you are too.
Home is whatever you make it.
Wherever your heart is, there is your home”

My Granny was insightful like that.
I can only hope to be as brilliant,
as beautiful, as kind, as insightful,
and as lovely as Granny.

What I hope to do here
is to share our life, travels, and some of the
wisdom, wit, awesome cooking that was
taught to me here with you.

My hope is that you journey with me
as I learn to make home
(wherever that is at the moment)
our favorite
place to be
one delicious bite
at a time.

Until Next Taste,