It’s Okay to Say No…

18 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Say No…”

  1. I’ve made more conscious decisions to say “no”, when the situation warrants. I feel I don’t owe anyone an explanation, any more than anyone who says no to my invitation.


  2. I feel like I should say no, but cannot and don’t think about myself.. thanks for this support, I should try to say No, but why it’s so hard sometimes 😦


  3. Yes!!! Learning how to say “no” and setting boundaries can be super difficult, but it is well worth it. My friend and I were actually just discussing this a couple of days ago.


  4. Having a bigger YES often helps you to say NO. When you take the time to consider your priorities, and have something else important, it puts the requests of others in context. Instead of a choice between “their request” and “nothing” you have have a choice between “their request” and “something important to ME.”


  5. Usually I have always been the one to say yes to everything, especially if my help was needed… but I drastically learnt at work saying no to working overtime will be a priority from now on, as I don’t want any more health issues!


  6. I agree! Stop trying to please everyone and say no once in awhile. haha. I used to feel bad about telling people no, but I have no problems doing it now. 🙂

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  7. Yes, I love your determination and commitment to choose yourself, this year and beyond! It’s kind of sad that so many of us dont feel like we have permission to say no. But if we don’t set the standard and path for our own lives, someone else definitely will!


  8. I am glad you are posting about this! We (especially women) are taught not to say no when people ask us for most things. It’s important we make a habit of saying no when we don’t want to do something! Great post!


  9. I used to say ‘yes’ to practically everything. I felt so obligated that I almost made myself crazy. Then I got fibromyalgia, and I had to learn to say ‘no.’ It still bothers me sometimes to say ‘no,’ but I am getting better at protecting my time and space.


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