The Good…

8 thoughts on “The Good…”

  1. Focusing on the good! I hear ya! And it is such a timely message for me as well. I share your optimism and vow to spread that throughout my interactions this week. Thank you for this uplifting reminder!


  2. I have to really think about this sometimes. I know there’s good in all of us and that we have to find the good when we might think there’s not any.


  3. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good when you have a really down day, but there truly is something wonderful in each and every day. We must choose not to wallow in the bad times, but search out the goodness we are blessed with and let that light shine bright.


  4. This is a blog with good perspective on thinking of the good you did in the day. I am an overthinker sometimes too but before I go to bed tonight I want to reflect on the good I dd today too.


  5. I love that you’re focusing on the good! Today, on my way to taking our kids to school this morning, I asked them what they were each thankful to have. Our oldest made a comment about it being like Thanksgiving. We should be thankful all year long.


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