And I say…. Hey, What’s going on?

10 thoughts on “And I say…. Hey, What’s going on?”

  1. It sounds like your heart is in the right place and your mother in law will be so grateful. I hope you and the kids have a smooth transition.


  2. I hope everything works out! Family is everything! We sometimes have to go above and beyond for those who are dear to us in their time of need.


  3. Thank you for sharing! Sometimes, life changes scare me but most of the times it excites me. It’s important that we are always hopeful to face new beginnings.


  4. I am sure everything will work out and we are so happy that you are e-bringing us along on your journey! It’s true, grandmothers really shape our lives for the better so I think this will good for your fam.


  5. What a great family decision to let your mother in law live with you all. Its going to be an adjustment but she will be surrounded with love its great you all didnt put her in assisted living facility.


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