Less Things, More Memories…

16 thoughts on “Less Things, More Memories…”

  1. Memories are all we get to take with us, may as well make them as enjoyable and memorable as possible! Definitely less things more memories! 🙂


  2. I like that “more memories, less things.” This is a very good read for me today. I have to let my daughter know that her spending long hours in the office is not good for her child. New toys will not take the place of her spending time with her son.


  3. It’s really hard in the everyday rush of things to sit back and remember that material things don’t matter. Memories matter! I have recently done the same thing, sat back and really said that making a memory is more important than doing certain things. I love that you wrote this because this day and age, its hard to for us to just sit back and enjoy the family with tons of other things weighing over us, like bills, and work.


  4. I could not have said it better myself. It’s so much better to treat them to places they’ve never been to before and even go back to the ones that they’ve enjoyed going to. Experiences and memories are so much better than toys that get old.


  5. My husband and I are all about experiences with our children. Those last longer and have a bigger effect than anything.


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