Less Things, More Memories…

This past weekend we took our kids darling little zoo in a small town in France.

The whole experience I kept thinking
I am done.

I am done buying them things.

I mean besides the usual. I’m not that terrible.
They’ll get a birthday present or two… Maybe. LOL!

Other than that, I’m done with it.

No more random things just because…
Well, because of mommy guilt.
I’m done.

I’m done emptying my bank account on material things
because I am a working mom and somehow I feel like
if they have the newest, the best, the greatest thing out there sometimes
(I’m just being completely honest right now)
that they’ll feel better about me missing some things…

No more of that.

No more of this materialistic mommy guilt thing that I’ve had going on.

I’m done y’all…

Its part of the reason I haven’t been writing. There’s more, but I won’t go into that yet…

I’ve felt awful about myself.

I’ve felt…

I don’t know what the  I’ve felt…

I’ve felt a lot of things…

I’ve been doing a lot of
reflecting and soul searching
and praying.
A whole LOT of praying.
I’ve been really living a life
that is less than.

It’s not been fair to anyone.

My husband,

My kids,

And certainly not to me.

I’m doing the world a severe injustice by
doing all of this less than kind of living…

But I digress…

(more on that later)

So what am I going to do…

Instead of buying things
we’re going to have experiences.

I want more of those…

More memories, less things.

Less clutter, more laughter.

They are only this size once.


So sure,
I work.
8 full hours a day,
but it doesn’t mean
I can’t experience life
with my family.


In fact, I just booked a family trip to a
place we’ve never been.
Memory making awaits us!

I can’t wait to surprise the
Foodie Finds Home Family
and awaken their taste for adventure.

Stay Tuned.

I’ve missed my blog.

Until Next Taste,