Family Traditions

29 thoughts on “Family Traditions”

  1. We have a lot of family traditions, and surprisingly, many of them have withstood the test of time. Not all of them are holiday related either, such as a pizza party the night before a new school year starts.


  2. This sounds great. We dont really have many traditions. We do Chinese order in on Christmas Eve, and we have family game nights once a week as well as movie nights! So I guess thats about it!


  3. What a great tradition!! One of ours is always Christmas morning at my parents, playing Santa and passing out the presents, then opening them (one-by-one, starting with the oldest first) until they are all opened. It takes a little longer than just tearing into them, but that way we have time to admire what everyone got/ gave 🙂


  4. My husband comes from a big family; they used to have all sorts of traditions, based on getting together, of course.
    What he noticed as everyone got older (6 children total) and each started a family, less and less of the main family traditions go by the way side.


  5. this looks like a great tradition to start off! your kids will definitely enjoy doing this each year and so will mine! we have a few family traditions and i hope to keep them so that my own kids will carry them on!


  6. This sounds so much fun! You could even use it as a ‘vision board’ of sorts for the year ahead. We don’t really have any traditions as such, but we always see the new year in, and we always have christmas dinner at lunchtime!


  7. I also love how if you choose to save it each year, it won’t take up much space or you can simply take a picture of it easily! As a minimalist, I like traditions that don’t include having BOXES of momentos!


    1. I never really cared for my Mom’s BEP’s much when I was young either, but as I’ve grown up I love them. Thankfully, the kids seem to eat them pretty good. If they don’t like something, they have to take a no thank you bite and I usually take it out the of the rotation for a bit and reintroduce it again after a few months or so. If it was not well received by the masses then I don’t make it again. 😉 You have a very lovely name. 🙂


  8. That sounds like an amazing way to welcome the new year! I’m sure you all had a great time. It’s nice to start new traditions with the kids around. It’s going to fill their childhood with fun family memories.


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