What is your word for 2017?

There are so many words….

So many…

It’s hard to choose just one.

Last year my word was


I think it was a good word for me.

In 2016 I was able to…


Be Authentic.
Be Transparent.
Be Love
Be Truth
Be Happy.
Be Unhappy
Be Beauty, & Beautiful.
Be Blessed.
Be Focus.
Be Inspired & Inspiring.
Be Success.
Be In.The. Moment.
Be Present.
Be Grateful.

Be Simply Completely Unapologetically Myself

It was the year of “Be-Ing….

This year I feel like it’s different.

I’ve learned to “be”…

Now it’s time to


while “be”ing me.

So there it is

my word for 2017.

I loved the definitions of flourish.
when I looked it up.

“to bloom, to blossom, to grow”
“to grow luxuriantly”
“to achieve success”
“to be in a state of activity or production”

Aren’t those awesome definitions?

I feel like I’m in a year of growth,
and I definitely want to grow luxuriantly.
Who wouldn’t want to?

I’m going to flourish deliciously and beautifully through 2017.

Alright, so what is your word of the year?

Until Next Taste,

Family Traditions

Family traditions.

Do you have any?

Besides our epic family game night,
the 12 grapes at midnight
and our firework extravaganza
(the neighbors-not us, ha!)
Auld Lang Syne singing
and of course a good toast!

We started one a new one this year
and I hope we continue it.

I enjoyed doing this with the kids a lot.

I picked up a poster board
while last minute shopping on
I had no idea what I was going to do with it,
but I knew I wanted to create something.

Something that we could look at all year
and be inspired. Something that would remind us
that this year we promised ourselves that we would
Be. Do. Hope. Have. Create. Explore. Adventure.
Both as individuals and as a family.

So with this white poster board in hand
and my harebrained scheme,
I was off…


the black is not on there… that was my half-arsed attempted at a quick  edit.

Create  we did.
We started at 6:00 PM
and at the top of every hour
we wrote something for 5-10 minutes
until midnight.

This was our first year doing this.
I’m sure it will evolve, but it was a lot of fun
and all 4 kids enjoyed it.
I look forward to doing this for years to come and seeing how it changes,
what words/quotes/pictures they come up with as they grow.

What are some of your family traditions that you do for New Years?

Any resolutions? Have you stuck to them? Share with us!

Happy New Year
Until Next Taste,