The 7 Top Books I’ve Read in 2016

21 thoughts on “The 7 Top Books I’ve Read in 2016”

  1. I really want to read Jump. That’s exactly how I got into the business I’m in now. I was in a dead end job, and I thought, “Screw it. Time to make a change.” And now I’m doing great.


  2. I LOVE to read and didn’t get to read a single book this year. It makes me really sad but I have a list of books i want to read. I am going to add Wild and Free on there, this sounds like a great read.


  3. This list puts my long list of pointless trashy fiction to shame! The only time I get the read is in bed and therefore struggle to read anything of any substance as I just fall asleep! I love the sound of these though…I will pick one and try it in 2017!


  4. I only read a handful of books this year and really hate myself for not making more time to read more. It’s definitely on my list to squeeze in at least 15 minutes of reading before bed each night in the new year. I’ll have to add some of these titles to my library. Thanks for the suggestions!


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