Post Christmas Post

29 thoughts on “Post Christmas Post”

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family. The food menu sounded great also! Don’t let anyone’s opinions get you down, and just enjoy that beautiful family, there are plenty of us that have nice things to say 🙂


  2. Love your menu. If you enjoy blogging then keep doing it. You will always have negative comments as some people are just that way.


  3. Your Christmas looked beautiful and what a delicious menu! I’m glad that you’ve come back to blogging. There will always be at least one person out there with something negative to say, and sometimes many more, we all have them but what is important is that you stay true to yourself no matter the negativity pushed at you – deflect it and do what makes YOU happy!


  4. If you love blogging then you should keep on no matter what. My immediate family still doesn’t get it. I used to get discouraged with the negativity but now I’m fine. I’ve been blogging for six months on my own and know eventually it will be something more.


  5. Your photos are lovely! And sure, people are still blogging! I recently picked it back up myself and I’m loving it. Merry Christmas!!


  6. Aww. love this post! Don’t you give up.. I feel like this all the time! but you are expressing yourself and if anything its helpful to you, who cares what everyone else thinks! You will build your own followers that are interested in what you post with time! Your Christmas pics are beautiful and YAY on the TV!!! That’s awesome!


  7. How sweet that you won that TV and a 55 inch screen at that! Hey we all take blogging breaks I took a mini one over the holiday because of end of year burn out. Welcome back and I wish you a positive 2017!


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