These are a few of my favorite things…

Cream colored ponies and crisps apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles,

Wild geese that fly with moons on their wings,

These are a few of my favorite things.

So, this is probably my favorite verse from that song.

I’m noticing a trend here.

Blog posts and music.

Food and music.

This post is somewhat special…

We’ve been in Europe for a year
and I’d like to do something fun about it!

I’m giving away some of my favorite things!

This year has been interesting.

A lot of growth has happened here.

I’ve become a healthier, happier, kinder, gentler, more open,
and somehow, a softer, version of me.

In Florida, I rocked out.
In Virginia, I rocked out,
In Louisiana, I really rocked out,
and in Bahrain; I was still.
Being beside those beautiful teal blue Persian Gulf waters calmed something in me.

During my daily walk… so peaceful.


They stilled my soul, and for once, I was at peace.
In Maryland, I was learning and trying to figure out what it all meant,

In Europe?

 I’m growing, I’m being, I’m doing, I’m journeying.

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I’m enjoying the journey.
The lessons I’m learning are hard won sometimes, but they are lessons that are invaluable
not only to myself, but to the people I am going to teach as well.
I know that these lesson aren’t just for me to keep to myself.
They are meant to be shared.
Stories that are meant to be told.
I hope you stay to hear them.

My favorite things…

Since living here,
I’ve come to love a few things,
I’d like to share a piece of that with you.
So, a comment, picked at random, will win a basket of goodies
from my home to yours,
to enjoy.

I hope you love my favorite things
as much as I do.

Until Next Taste,


Published by Foodie Finds Home

Military Spouse, Mom x4, Foodie, Semi-crunchy, Travel Aficionado, and Fitness Enthusiast sharing our life and kitchen while learning to make home our favorite place to be.

11 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things…

  1. What a lovely post. It sounds like you’re doing a lot of looking inward, taking time to grow, be reflective, and be good to yourself. It’s a great practice for all of us. Beautiful picture of the beach!


  2. Lovely post. I especially love blogging to. My favourite is travelling, I’ve done quite a bit this year and it just makes me so happy.


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