Finding Home

37 thoughts on “Finding Home”

  1. This is a post that’s near and dear to me. I grew up in my house with my family for 18 years, but I didn’t really find my home until I moved to Chicago. The people I live with up here are my real family.

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  2. Home is definitely subjective and so many people don’t realise that a home is much more than an actual house, it takes a lot to make a house a home, I love your decorations and great post! 🙂

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    1. That’s really good for you. That you see every place that way and can bloom where you are planted. It takes a special soul that can do that and I seek those women out for friendships and I honor them. I value their wisdom on the topic. I try to learn from them. what I am learning though is that is that home is not wherever you plant your feet for every milso. It is a place to grow yes, learn more about yourself sure, but home? Not every place, no. Each place is holds a special place in in my heart for sure. Some special memories especially as I get older, and I can appreciate learning from those that can make every place feel like home.


  3. Our definition of home varies. To me, home is where my kids are, a place where we’re safe and where we’re comfortable. I love the way that you decorated yours, it’s absolutely lovely.


  4. Such a lovely, and cozy home. Home is wherever I feel comfortable and safe. It takes me a while to feel that way….. I am just now feeling like my house is home and we moved in here August 2015!


  5. You did a beautiful job decorating. A home is a place where family is and we decorate it to our liking to show our personality


  6. I love this post and I think you did a great job decorating. This is my biggest challenge having kids, I am not sure where we want to lay roots down at. Home is a beautiful thing.


  7. As the old cliche goes, “Home is where the heart is.” My family used to have what we call an “ancestral home” but was sold when my grandmother died. My mom’s home is “home” for all of us now. It is a place where we partake in good food, warmth and love of siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and all those cute little nephews, nieces and grandchildren. No matter where we are, where we live now, coming “home” for the holidays is always the most anticipated time of the year.


  8. You have such a lovely home. It looks so comfy and cosy, and I love that. Home to me is somewhere you feel at peace and settled.


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