Hello… Is it me…

So, this is kind of exciting and weird… It’s also odd. What’s even stranger…. Adele’s “Hello” is on in the background as I type this as if a sign that I should actually be typing this right now now.



Most of you reading this know me already, a handful of you don’t. Hello.

I’m Lori. Consistent re-starter, mom of four, wife of one, searcher of home, traveler of the world, cooker of the food, non lover of the home cleaning (but I do it, because I love the clean home), merry maker, introvert, INFJ, dalmatian loving, next food-network star wannabe, blog writing, me.

Welcome to my space. I love blogging. I do. I love it.

I have craved doing it. I just didn’t know how to get back into it but I just kicked my butt and said, “Lori… You’re doing it. You miss it. Do it. Just do it.”

And here we are.

Actually can I be honest?

I made a drastic decision when I started.

I quit my personal Facebook for this.




Who does that?

Apparently this girl does.

So if the grandparents want updates… This is how they get them.

Gasp… That’s crazy talk. I know. I’m probably not the favorite anymore.

And… I’m okay with that.

Guess what though.

It gives us more time.

Time to explore this amazing country we live in. Time to travel all over this beautiful continent we live on, and well… Share it with you. Memories to be made and stories to be shared.

I hope you enjoy spending time and sharing life us, as we… The Foodie Family find home.

Home is wherever the heart is and sometimes…. it’s just one bite away.

Until Next Taste,


Published by Foodie Finds Home

Military Spouse, Mom x4, Foodie, Semi-crunchy, Travel Aficionado, and Fitness Enthusiast sharing our life and kitchen while learning to make home our favorite place to be.

26 thoughts on “Hello… Is it me…

  1. I think this is a super idea. Facebook can be so negative at times and can cause more negativity than positivity. If people want to learn about what is going on with you and yours, they have to make a bit of an effort to seek it out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome back! I’ve never considered quitting my personal Facebook, but you know, it probably would free up a lot of time and give me more time to focus on what really matters. Hmmmm you’ve got me thinking! 🙂


  3. Kudos to you for quitting Facebook. I have seriously considered it especially with all the politics going on. Way to much negativity recently.


  4. I wish Facebook wasn’t as addicting as it is. I wish i could just say goodbye to it even for just a short while. Welcome back to you! I love your writing!


  5. I don’t blame you for leaving Facebook. Anymore, it has become a hassle to deal with and there is more ranting and raving on there than anything. I don’t really care for it myself. I have said since I have started blogging that if anyone wants to know what I am up to, they can read my blog.


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